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Creating a Business From What You Already Know How To Do is Easier Than You Think

But, what does profiting from your knowledge actually mean? Is it possible to create an online business based on your talent, knowledge, own experiences and expertise?

In the book – Find The Talent Within You and Sell It! I talk about self-perception. Self-perception is a complex thing! It’s difficult to physically see ourselves as others see us. We’re just as blind when it comes to placing value to our talents. The fact that others will pay for knowledge and experience we posses is often hard to fathom. Remember this though: Everyone can’t know everything!

You may have knowledge or experience doing something someone else would like to learn. We tend to under value our own talents and experiences believing that if it’s easy, or we already know it, it’s somehow not worth very much. That is just not true! Countless numbers of people are willing to pay for your expertise and you deserve to be paid for what you know that others don’t know.

You don’t have a limited potential, why then should you accept a limited income?

The talents that come most naturally to us are the talents we are most likely to overlook, to not seriously acknowledge because they come so easily to us. Think about that for a minute! We’ve pretty much been conditioned to think that we must endure great pain and struggle to achieve something worthwhile. No pain, no gain, right? I would rather make the most of what I’m naturally good at, not to mention have significant talent for, than struggle — wouldn’t you?

At Find Your Talent And Sell It! we help people from all walks of life do 4 things:

  • Identify Your Talent, knowledge and expertise
  • Create Your Own Product from what you already know how to do!
  • Position Yourself as An Expert by presenting your product to your audience
  • Build Your Brand by creating a professional and effective online presence to solve a problem for your audience through your products and services

We help you identify the strategies and tactics and create the appealing visual design to communicate your expertise to your audience. You don’t have to become an graphic designer or web developer to start your online business.

The main purpose of Find Your Talent and Sell It! is for us to take care of the technical stuff while we help you go From Talent To Product To Expert To Branding!

DeAnna Kennedy

This website is about you. NOT about me but I get it. You want to know a bit about the person that’s telling you to use your talents to create a profitable online business. So here’s a small description of who I am. If you want to learn more about me feel free to reach me via my Facebook page and I’ll be happy to chat with you.

I am an entrepreneur, author, certified business consultant and small business expert who has taught business development topics for 10 years. I am extraordinarily passionate about helping people turn the expertise, knowledge and experiences they possess into a thriving business.

My 15 years of small business experience in retail ownership has allowed me to offer strategies and techniques for developing and creating business success. I’ve coached and consulted with small businesses since 2011. I have owned 5 businesses since 1995 and sold three of them.

I wrote “Find The Talent Within You & Sell It!” to show how others have been able to use their knowledge and expertise and turn it into cash. And my hope is that YOU start using your Talent and Experiences to create a profitable business that you are passionate about.