Dear Friend,

Would you like 2017 to be your year of prosperity?

  • How much would it mean to you to have a substantial increase in your prosperity?
  • What if it could happen by simply sharing the skills and experiences you’ve already acquired?

And if I told you we would SINCERELY put our money on the line to help you achieve this, would you feel empowered?

Why would we do this you ask?

Because we know there are endless numbers of people looking to pay for wisdom…

AND we have not encountered a single person who has not possessed a marketable skill, not one single person!

So, what are we saying to YOU?

We’re saying that YOU, yes YOU absolutely have a marketable skill and that together, we’ll find it!

  • Still a tiny bit concerned you might not have the kind of skill or ability for a digital product?
  • Afraid your life experiences and knowledge couldn’t possibly be valuable enough to sell?

Here’s the reason you’re feeling that way: It’s difficult to see ourselves as others see us.

We’re often blind when it comes to recognizing and placing value on our own talents.

The fact that others will pay for the knowledge and experience we possess is often hard to fathom.

Here’s an important fact to remember: every one cannot know everything!

Common sense tells you that, right? Right!

We tend to under value our own talents and abilities, believing if the knowledge is something we’ve always known or the ability comes naturally to us, it’s somehow easy for everyone to do and not worth very much.

THAT couldn’t be farther from the truth, it’s just not true!

Here’s our promise to you:

  • We will help you produce a digital product and show you how to sell it.
  • It will be a product based on your experiences, abilities and skills.
  • The process is designed to be completed in 30 days or less.

If you accept the challenge and complete the program within 30 days… our offer will go from the best offer to an absolutely fabulous offer!

So, what do we mean by an absolutely fabulous offer?

We are offering you a 4-week program, including 4 online live classes to Turn Your Talent, Ability and Experience into Cash!

The process will take you from the reveal of your specific ability and skill, to the production of your very own digital product.

We’ll then follow through with a marketing process that will include your first sales funnel.

Our process is hands on, hand holding and results driven, complete with pdf worksheets.

You’ll get all of this for a fraction of one personal consultation fee.

So, here’s where our program goes from a GREAT offer to an absolutely FABULOUS offer!

If you complete the course within the 4-week time frame, our team will build for you:

  • A fully loaded landing site
  • Design consultation from our talented team
  • Graphics to enhance your digital product
  • Your first sales funnel
  • Integration of your email marketing system with your landing site

All the above is a bonus for your winning Commitment and Accountability!

Because we will be dedicating much time and many of our resources to building your brand, we want to be certain we are working with people who will be committed and accountable. Please fill out the application below to determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Our 2017 January, February and March class schedule will be returned to you.

The cost of this entire fabulous offer is only $499.